Do now, think later. my name is Cassia and i am 17.

i enjoy going to abandoned places, showing up at peoples houses/events who i do not like/know, and pranking peoples cars who i do not like.

this makes me seem like an asshole.

moving on...

the things i post are a combination of re-blogs, original text posts and some original photos. any other photos i post of me or my friends or just really cool pictures come from my friend PATRICK TORPHY (yes ladies he does have a facebook) but i shamelessly take credit for them.

in conclusion. follow me.
Deleting my Tumblr at 10pm tonight.

too many hate messages over amazing pictures that i still stand by 100% 

too many hypocrites attacking me…

too many death threats…

too many invalid arguments…

email me at… if you want the address to my new tumblr. 

see yeah. 

i think i frightened my postman when he dropped this off.

why hello. 

Why is everyone comparing tumblr to Facebook?

They’re completely different.


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Learn to control youself

you’re fucking up EVERYONE’S life.

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